Sunday, May 2, 2010

pocketbook fine art

This is my very smallest set up. it is just right for a pocket book. It holds all the necessary paint supplies. 5 small travel brushes from tiny (I never use it) to a size 6 round. I try to pick them up from various sales. small kneaded eraser - ATC cards to paint on, small golf pencil to sketch - small regular sponge to use to blot a too wet brush. a very small palette and a package (actually half a package) of kleenex to use in place of paper towels. the paints are small pans, mainly windsor newton - alizarin crimson - winsor lemon - an orange - cad red - two blues - ultramarine a warm blue and cobalt blue. black, burnt umber and burnt sienna and yellow ochre with two greens, one cool and one warm. a very small package that gets the job done.
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