Monday, September 6, 2010

Chattahoochee Mud Dauber

Here I am bringing the best of the my paintings to the Island Ford center in Sandy Springs off Roberts Rd. The paintings were done in association with the Great Chattahoochee Paint Out put on by the Roswell Tourism Center in assoc. with CNC. I had a great time. All the mud comes from hiking after we dropped off the paintings and before we went home to get ready for the reception. We were climbing over a log on the riverbank and I said to John, look there is a raccoon print and I was thinking to myself that it was pretty deep for a raccoon track and as I was saying to myself, this is too soft, myself was already stepping over the log onto the mud which WAS too soft and I fell face and chest first onto the log. full of mud. I am grateful that my reflexes were not so fast as to twist myself out of the mud because I was solidly in to my ankle. nothing broke, nothing bruised.
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