Friday, November 26, 2010

Monet's House and Garden

This painting of Monet's house and Garden looking from the back gate along the main path was painted in July. You may be thinking this should be in the landscapes, however I didn't paint in the artists painting up by the house in front of the porch nor the ones beside me. So this is artists-at-work whenever I see the painting. We were painting with Pat Fiorello who had arranged to bring a class to France for a week painting in Monet's Garden. all day Monday and every evening. A once in a lifetime opportunity. There is a big design flaw in this painting. I painted in plein air and brought it home dissatisfied with the way it came out. brought out the acrylics to fix the flaws that were obvious to me at the time creating another one which was not obvious to me until after I had the painting professionally framed. So There.
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